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Introducing ParcelSafe

Parcel Safe is an innovative, yet simple solution to a very common problem.

With Parcel Safe you can be safe in the knowledge that any items you’ve ordered are safe, secure and waiting for you on your return home, meaning no more inconvenient trips to the local sorting depot.

"A convenient, secure, lockable box for your parcels"

The box has been specifically designed to not look out of place whether it is fitted. However with the unique letterbox & window stickers that are provided you have the option of fitting to the side/rear of the house or even the garage. The sticker set provided guide the delivery person to the parcel safe!

Parcel Safe is quick and easy to install, each one comes with just about everything you’ll need including an ‘Easy Fit’ template, screws, wall plugs and even a masonry drill bit.
Once mounted on an exterior wall of your home, a delivery person can deposit any packages too large for your letterbox into Parcel Safe and secure the lid using the ‘Easy Fit’ function. On your return simply unlock Parcel Safe with the keys provided and your parcel is waiting!

Easy Lock

Parcel Safe uses an 'Easy Lock' system. Once any parcels are deposited, the delivery person simply twists the lock to safely secure the contents. For added piece of mind the lock has approx. 1,000 different combinations and a car style ignition cover to prevent dirt entering the lock mechanism.

Each Parcelsafe kit contains:

    • 1 x lock & screws
    • 2 x keys
    • 4 x wall spacers
    • 4 x wall plugs and screws
    • 1 x screwdriver
    • 1 x masonry drill bit
    • 1 x Sticker set


Width 58cm
Height 50cm
Depth 24cm
A fully boxed Parcel Safe weighs 9.5KG.
(This includes the fixing kit and masonry drill bit.)

What if your parcel needs signing for?

Parcel Safes now also include a unique six digit number.

This is printed on a weather proof sticker and can be placed on the lid of the Parcel Safe.

The delivery agent can then take note of this number instead of requiring a signature.




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