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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose a Cast Chiminea

They get hot! Unlike clay Chimineas they do get very hot and therefore radiate substantially more heat over a far greater area. Each Chiminea comes with an internal fire grate so that wood & coal can be burnt. The units are completely frost proof - no need to move indoors in the winter or worry when your Chiminea gets wet. "Cast Iron and Aluminum Chimeneas" provide warmth and comfort on those cool evenings outdoors. Their beauty and durability make them the perfect outdoor accessory for any backyard or patio setting. With family and friends gathered round on balmy afternoons or crisp evenings, your selection from our exclusive range of Cast iron Chimneas will become the centerpiece of any outdoor occasion.

When will my chiminea arrive?

We endeavor to dispatch all orders within two business days of receipt, subject to the availability of stock. If dispatch is delayed for any reason, we will keep you informed by e-mail.

Dispatched using Parcel Companies Recorded Deliveries. This service means that most items are delivered within 1 - 2 weekdays.

On processing your order, we will email the address you have provided a "Dispatch Notification" which will show, when applicable, online tracking through our carriers web site indicating your delivery day and information on how to receive your order. Deliveries normally take place between 8.30am and 6.00pm.

How does my chiminea arrive?

Chimineas are supplied boxed and will need some simple assembly when received. A screwdriver and small spanner set is all that is required.For some of the larger chimineas, assembly is easier with 2 people as some of the component parts are quite heavy, especially with some of the cast iron versions. Full instructions are provided. Assembly time is around 20-30 minutes.

Cast iron Chimineas are heavy and the delivery driver may well need some assistance unloading the item for you. If necessary the box can be opened on the vehicle and the components unloaded individually. Signatures will be required with each method of delivery.

Where should I position my Chiminea?

Cast Chimineas are outside products and should never be used indoors unless you have sought the advice of a fireplace and chimney specialist. Due to their excellent heat output, care must be taken to site your Chiminea on a firm, level, non-combustible base, not directly onto wooden surfaces and away from wooden fences or other combustible materials (a distance of 6 inches is normally adequate. The Chiminea should not be positioned underneath overhanging branches, or anything else that may be set alight. If using on decking, we highly recommend siteing the chiminea on a paving slab first.

Can I use my Chiminea straight away?

All our Chimineas are hand painted using high temperature paint. To assist in the paints curing process, and to provide an improved rust protection, it is advisable to comply with the following simple instructions immediately you position your Chiminea:

  • Fit the cooking grate grate as required. This should not normally be fitted while using the Chiminea for heating, but will allow the paint on the grate to cure at the same time as on the rest of the unit.
  • Using kindling only, light a small fire that should burn for 15-20 minutes.
    While the Chiminea is still warm, set and light another 15-20 minute kindling fire.
  • A full fire should then be burnt for approximately 45-60 minutes, again starting while the Chiminea is still warm, then allowed to cool naturally.
  • This will complete your curing process.
  • Once cured, keep fires to a sensible size avoiding flames coming out from the top of the chimney.
What can I burn in my chiminea?

There are many types of fuels can be burnt inside your chiminea, wood, coal and charcoal, fire briquettes etc however we only recommend BBQ charcoals and BBQ briquettes for cooking.

Are cast iron chimineas dangerous ?

Some companies suggest that Cast Chimineas are dangerous because of the temperatures they reach. Well it's obvious that a garden heater that gets hot will radiate more heat, over a much greater area, than one that doesn't! So the choice is yours, do you want the most effective heater in a design that will truly enhance your patio area and be the topic of conversation for family and friends for many years to come. Or do you want to play safe and opt for a clay chiminea that will at first look great, but will not provide anywhere near as much heat, and is likely to crack and possibly fall apart, often after a very short time. Do you consider barbeques to be dangerous? The same common sense approach is required with both products.

What is the guarantee:

We guarantee the body of your chiminea for 12 months against cracking. This warranty applies only to damage caused under normal use. Parts excluded from this warranty are consumables such as fire grates, bbq grills, spark guards, lids, cowls and paint finishes.

All cast iron chimineas rust and ours are no different in this respect. This
product will rust, to slow this process we recommend not over firing the
chiminea and touching up with a high temperature paint as and when
required. To reduce rusting, wipe the patio heater with an oily rag after each use.

Over firing can completely burn off the high temperature paints.

Can my chiminea be repainted?

Yes, some people prefer their chimineas to have a used look whilst others prefer to maintain the pristine look. We recommend for re painting that any loose material is first removed and then a heat resistant paint can be used to re spray the chiminea such as Hammerite BBQ Paint or Stove Bright enamel paints.

Further information can be found by downloading a copy of the chiminea manual Using your chiminea.pdf or Pizza Oven Manual.pdf

Cast iron furniture

All our cast garden furniture is coated with an enamel paint finish. Maintenance is simple, wipe over first with a damp cloth then a dry one. Any abrasions and paint chips that go down to the bare cast iron can be touched up with enamel paints (available at most DIY stores) and a fine artist brush otherwise oxidisation will occur. Cast iron is characteristically highly sensitive to moisture and will oxidise in the crevises of castings. In time you may wish to re coat your furniture, although most people prefer the more natural look the castings take on. Paints are available in both tins or aerosols.


Our collection of gazebos are primarily classed as out door sunshades and are not intended as permanent structures. Most have some degree of water resistancey. Usage. We strongly advise canopies are removed prior to any adverse weather conditions otherwise accelerated wear and tear or even damage can occur. Not suitable for use in wind speeds in excess of 25mph.

I cannot find an answer to my query

No Problem! You can either chat with our live advisor service through the web site or call us on 01296 836836 during office hours or email your enquiry to us.


Regular collections from our warehouse mean that your order is dispatched quickly and delivered to your door within 1-3 working days.

We can also ship most of our chimineas to France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Italy. Simply Click to Email Us for a quote.

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